Connecting to the API

Log in to Zigned Pro and create an account to be used for API Access. From your account, browse to the developer page and create a new API key. If you are using a development key, everything will work as normal, however, the final agreements will use fake data and a certificate marked for test. Therefore, these will not hold up in any legal proceeding. Agreements generated with your development key won’t be charged.

Test your configuration

Provide your API key with the header x-zigned-api-key in every request to the API. Test your client configuration to ensure access to our API by sending a POST request to https://api.zigned.io/rest/v2/hello

Send request

  • POST https://api.zigned.io/rest/v2/hello
  • Content-type: application/json

Success response


Confirmation that your request was successful


  • HTTP Status: 201
  • Mime type: application/json
  • Message: Welcome to the Zigned API

Response body


A greeting message confirming you have access to our REST API

Code Example

{ "message": "Welcome to the Zigned API" }